so an update is needed on shooting film these days. its a big enough distinction from how i normally shoot to justify a post. So i got a rangefinder camera and a couple lenses. Basically were talking no electronic components besides a pretty ineffective meter. I've got to say, i feel like I am re-learning how to use a camera here. Shooting with a rangefinder is much more difficult that i had anticipated, and i was already used to shooting with manual SLRs. basically i have to frame the photo before i put my camera up to my eye, but before that I need to ensure my exposure is correct (and those who know how i shoot know that i rarely shoot in consistent light, making metering that much more difficult) then i have to guess the distance and set the focus to whatever i want to focus on, then i put the camera up to my face and frame the shot, anticipate, and shoot. keep in mind, you never look through the lens on these cameras, instead you look through a viewfinder like you would on a one time use to see what your lens sees, there are framelines in the viewfinder that show the focal length. plus, each frame costs me like .30 cents and im a cheapo, haha. I notice im thinking a lot more when i shoot, and i feel more in tune with the camera, rather when i shot with my 5D and im just blasting frames all over the place. i need to get to a point where i can do all this stuff without really thinking about it, but for now...if i take a picture of you, expect to wait 5 seconds while i fiddle with everything before i take the shot, haha. I do see myself finally trsuting film though. Since ive been developing, ive been understanding things a lot more, which is really what i was hoping for, so im glad. So far i can see one HUGE advantage, not standing out. i thought that i was good at blending in while shooting (and i kinda am) but shooting with something like this is a whole different playing field. no one even cares about you cause they think youre a joke shooting with such a dinky camera. niiice

i also just developed my first few rolls of film today. i was surprised that was actually successful at it. well i need to scan the film, make sure nothing is totally screwed up, but looks pretty good from here. got a nice sense of pride seeing my negatives developed.