since im such a hardcore professional and decided to move purely to film now, i figured i gotta look cool right, i mean nothing screams "love me women" like a man with a rangefinder swung over his shoulder. not only that, but since im so hardcore and my pants are so hipster-ey tight, i need a place to hold all that film that i burn through taking photos of the president and wars and stuff like that. enter the "store your canister"'re very own DIY project to hold your film...all you need is a rangefinder, preferably Leica, but Voigtlander will do, a domke strap...only domke please (we're professionals here), some elastic bands torn from your high school shins guards from your JV soccer team you only played 2 games for, and a thread and needle...and a girl to do the sewing since youre too busy taking pictures of the president and wars and stuff like that

orders start at $1000 dollars