David Breaux

>I should have written about this a long time ago but I have a friend who lives in Davis, David Breaux. He is a homeless man who is trying to make a change for the world and for himself. He stands at the corner of 3rd and C asking people what their definition of compassion is, and has them write it down in one of his many notebooks. Ive known David for a year now, and have spent that year taking photographs that help convey his message and he is now selling a book that compiles those entries and my photographs. The book is being sold in Davis at the corner of 3rd & C, and at Farmers market on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings, it costs $15. So if youre interested, let me know or just head over to Davis yourself and have a chat with Mr David, hes a cool dude that'll sure say he's peaceful if you ask him how youre doing, haha. Best of luck David!

If you are interested in learning more, check out his website

Compassion Guy