so i have this awesome job that lets me do whatever i want. i didnt have too many assignments today (zero) so i was told to go find something in Alameda. that was my assignment, "go find something in alameda. Happy hunting!" its almost ridiculous how cool that is. hey, go here and do what you love doing. i can see some hating that cause of how little structure it provides, but i love it. sure some days im also busy as hell, working 13 hr days forgetting to eat because time is tight, both are great. ok back to today... so i did some research and had like 4 stops planned on my tour of alameda. i went to stop one and found a features story thatll run later sometime. but then i was driving around and saw some kids playing basketball and out went my meticulously scheduled tour. i took photos of them playing basketball for like 30min, trying to fish for the one shot that i suppose i got. then i walked around and found some old ay zee enn men fishing and took some photos there too. ok tips and tricks. for the middle shot, i shot it as if i was shooting street. high aperture (f/8?) but prefocused about 1.5m into the shot to make sure everything stays in focus. set camera on MF so i dont have to refocus and manual cause the light was consistent...although i underexposed about a stop to get in the sky and the light on the kids faces. i fished for this shot, waited and waited until it finally came but it did take a solid 25min. all that gunk in the sky is my durrtay dirty sensor which needs to be cleaned. its not sensor dust, but i think some sort of dried liquid that still has residue left over...soo if anyone has a sensor swab, ill trade pix4cleaning.