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Hi, thanks for checking out my work. To make this not feel like a LinkedIn bio, i'll just give you a quick rundown. My name is Deeba Yavrom and I am a photographer, skateboarder, economics lover and as of recent, rock climber.

I have a very simple approach to photography; honest documentation. I have spent over a decade working as a photojournalist (see here), and bring that style to weddings. My goal to create a comfortable and familiar relationship between the three of us, letting me take photos of you without you noticing that "the photographer" is  there in the first place. My best work comes out in natural moments, where I get to walk around and take photos that perfectly match the composition of a space with the emotion of the moment. I aim to capture the "life" of your wedding.

And please take a look at what past clients have said about me. I am humbled to be one of the highest rated wedding photographer in Washington, D.C.

me with my lovely wife

me with my lovely wife

Where are you located?
I am based in Washington D.C., but am available to shoot anywhere you want.

In a world where everyone who is everyone is a photographer, what makes you different?
I have spent a significant portion of my career working as a photojournalist for a variety of newspapers, and as a documentary photographer around the US and South East Asia. I have been published in nearly every national newspaper. I love reportage and documentary style photography and have spent the past decade honing my style to bring that to weddings. 

Tell me more, tell me more.
I like to take photos that tell stories. Ones where the more you look, the more you find and discover. Each wedding has its own distinct style and I strive to deliver a set of photos that remind you not only what you experienced at your wedding but how you felt; the intangibles. I never shoot to a formula.

Do you use film or digital?
I shoot primarily digital, and use professional Canon SLR and Leica rangefinder systems, matched with a variety lenses and strobes. However, due to increased demand I do offer film packages, shot in increments of 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of your wedding.

Will you take group and family pictures?
Of course. There are often three or more generations of family at a wedding and all of your favorite people in the world are in the same place at the same time. It would be a shame not to devote at least some time for formals.

Who exactly shoots our wedding?
Everything is done by me. From our consultation to the delivery of your photos, I am the one you contact with, and the one that is there every step of the way. For better or for worse. Just kidding, for better. 

How many pictures do you typically take during a wedding.
You should expect to receive around 600 photos for a 8 hour wedding.  Keep in mind I do not impose restrictions on your photos. You get full res jpegs, and I encourage you to use those photos to print, make albums, post on social media, etc. Enjoy them!

How many weddings have you photographed? 
Lets just say I memorized the lyrics to "Love Shack". Really, it’s a problem.

What type of albums do you offer?
I offer a variety of custom coffee table and fine art albums. Please ask me for more details.

How soon after the wedding can we see our wedding images?
After a wedding I take about 6-8 weeks for the editing process. For most packages, I will send you a USB drive of those pictures and host them online for you and your friends and family to see.

All wedding packages include:


Please contact me for information about pricing
Packages range from $2250-$4000

*please email me below if you would like more detailed pricing, including info on civil ceremonies and destination weddings

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