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Deeba did a fantastic job photographing our wedding! We never knew he was there yet he captured everything beautifully. We didn't really have a plan or location for our "couple" pictures between the ceremony and reception, but he knew the area and found some amazing backdrops for these pictures. I couldn't have been happier! He was very creative in lighting and framing and also captured a lot of the little details and decorations that I planned but was too busy to enjoy at the time! I love going back and looking at all of the amazing pictures. I would recommend him to anyone!  When researching for a wedding photographer, we were looking for someone that would capture the most important day of our lives in a simple yet classy way. Seeing Deeba's work on his website, we immediately knew that we had found our perfect match. From our very first meeting, he was so flexible, willing to hear and incorporate our ideas and what we wanted. Our engagement pictures turned out wonderful. He was also able to express the beauty of our wedding day in the most amazing way. We are so happy with his work. Thanks to him, we will always have the perfect keepsake of our wedding day. THANK YOU, DONYA PHOTOGRAPHY :)

I am from the far-far-away Vietnam, and I have a friend who is the designer of one leading bridal brand over there. Recently in November 2013 I had a trip to Washington DC, so my designer friend asked me to wear a dress from her new collection to take some nice photos outdoors at the National Mall area, so that she can use the photos for her brand's promotional purposes (you know, overseas backgrounds sometimes seem more attractive than local!). I am not a model, I have no photographer contact in DC, I only have time for the photos shooting the next day, and the request came in such a short notice! What can I do? Anyway I just brought the pretty dress with me to DC. I searched in some DC-locals fora, and I found Donya Photography presenting on the first page of 'yelp'! My first email to Donya Photography was sent when I was in Seoul for a 5-hour transit from Hanoi to DC. I was thinking that no one would reply to me. But then I saw Deeba's response. From the message he appeared to be a very enthusiastic artist who would strive for new things and creation, and never cared about any boundary or restriction! Finally I arrived in DC after a 24-hour flight, and I am seeing Deeba the next morning. You can imagine yourself as a non-model person wearing a bridal dress being present at the Lincoln Memorial surrounded by bunches of visitors, can you pose confidently and creatively? I could not move during the first 15 minutes, but then a colleague of mine and Deeba were so helpful in showing me how to pose and look good. Deeba proved to be a very professional and multi-tasking artist, starting since he confirmed with me the purpose of the photos and what the client wanted, then he showed us the nicest backgrounds available within the time frame, and he even acted like a 'reflecting model' so that I could just copy his posture! My colleague and I also enjoyed his friendly and cheerful company. At the end of the session we were wondering how the single bridesmaids at the real weddings could resist his charm! :) About a week later, as promised, he sent me the photos in a very timely manner. I enjoy the products very much, and so do my designer friend. Hopefully we can use these photos effectively in one of her upcoming promotion campaigns. In sum, the good experience with 'Deeba - the charming photographer' (yes, this should be his new nickname! but a bride client should not tell her groom!) from Donya Photography was a highlight of my recent DC trip. I strongly recommend his service to anyone who needs professional and creative photography provided with a friendly and constructive attitude. At the end, you can only look good in the photos while you are feeling comfortable with the surrounding people including the camera man, correct? :) 


Deeba was my wedding photographer (with an assistant) this August in DC. I just put together my album and am delighted with the results!  We were quite happy with the results and have a nice blend of portraits and candid shots. We were on a tight budget and I found that you get a lot for your money with Deeba - and that is rare to come by when it comes to wedding expenses! Anyhow he totally went with the flow, and I will also say that during the ceremony I was hardly aware of him yet he captured it from every angle - which is exactly what you want.

Deeba was recommended to us by a friend of mine who's wedding Deeba was the photographer for.  He gave a stellar recommendation so we called him right away. One of the very first things Deeba told us was he did not like to do the typical "posey" wedding pictures.  He liked to capture real moments happening rather than asking people to stand and smile.  Which is one thing we really liked.  We were both camera shy, and impatient when we are made to pose.  He is very discrete while he is working.  He likes to try and stay behind the scenes and you would almost forget that he is there, but still manages to get all the shots he needs to get. That said, he is very courteous. When my wife had her brief "bridezilla" moment he was nice enough not to take pictures of that situation and waited patiently until she snapped out of it. We would also like to commend him for dressing appropriately, we have seen photographers that would come in jeans and t-shirt which kinda ruins the mood if your going for an elegant formal event. After the wedding Deeba was extremely quick getting the photos edited and sent out to us. Which was perfect because we were able to inform him of some revisions we would like for him to do, which again he dealt with quickly. We highly recommend Deeba Yavrom. And would hire him in a heartbeat if ever we need a professional photographer again.

Deeba's wedding photography was amazing!  This was the very first time I have ever worked with a professional photographer. I read all the guidance on the wedding sites about selecting a wedding photographer. I spent hours investigating wedding photographers web sites and referencing reviews and wedding site rankings.  Ultimately, the deciding factor for me was trust.  Arguably, one of the most important decisions for your wedding is the photographer.  After all the joyous wedding moments have past by so quickly, you have the photography to remind you of the great times.  You want to be able to trust that the photographer will capture those fleeting moments for you majestically.  Deeba achieved this masterfully.  From our very first consultation, Deeba was professional and clearly distinguished his photojournalistic style. During the engagement photo shooting, we built a rapport with Deeba.  Deeba is very easy to work with and through collaboration we were able to capture the perfect engagement photo for our wedding invitations.  Deeba was even better during our wedding.  He was able to capture the precious moments seamlessly without being intrusive.  He was also very flexible with our chaotic schedule and on-the-fly demands.  My wife is art school trained as a photographer and during our wedding she requested some shots.  Deeba was adept at accommodating the requests and took some spectacular photos.  My favorite photos from the wedding our ones where I didn't even know they were being taken by Deeba.  He has the talent to recognize a special moment intuitively and capture it in a photo idyllically. Many of our family and friends complimented us on our wedding photos and thank you cards which featured five of our favorite photographs. Overall, I highly recommend Deeba for his professionalism, unique photographic "eye", and for capturing our timeless wedding memories masterfully.

I am writing this review for Donya Photography because I wanted everyone to know how amazing Deeba is as a photographer. His work on my Traditional Vietnamese Engagement Ceremony has brought so much pride and joy to me and my family. The Traditional Tea Ceremony is a series of events, that is full of customs and colors, unfolding within a 40-45 mins time frame. The photographer has to be quick thinking on his feet in order to capture those intimate moments unraveling in front of him/her. On top of that, he/she has to have an intimate knowledge of the procedure as well. And Deeba did exactly just that. And all that was given to him was a written procedure from me about a month before the event. That is the true mark of a professional. As for the quality of Deeba's work, I couldn't be any happier. We love his photo-journalistic approach. Every single picture looks so natural and is full of energy and emotion. It feels like he was documenting our event for a newspaper or magazine. And finally, the best part about having Deeba as your photographer on your special day is that you will barely notice that he is there. He is not the type that will try to take charge and create shots just for the sake of doing it. He is more the type that stays behind the scenes and be as unobtrusive as possible. That is why most of his pictures have such an organic feel to it. In general, if you would like someone who is pleasant, humble, and unobtrusive to be the person that capture all of your intimate moments on your special day, Deeba from Donya Photography is your answer. Brilliant!

My fiance and I recently got engaged and set a date in just 9 short months. We wanted to get our engagement photos taken right away to ensure time to mail out the Save-The- Dates. Deeba was flexible with our schedule, making the initial planning of the session stress free. The photo shoot was perfect. Just long enough to get a lot of wonderful, candid photos. Deeba was also very good about getting our photos back to us quickly. Very much appreciated his work and absolutely thrilled with the photos! Would absolutely recommend him! Finding the right photographer for my wedding was a huge priority for me. I browsed TheKnot, looked up my friend's wedding photographers, and even ventured onto Craigslist. I wanted someone that would capture the moments, not set us up in awkward poses and snap away. I was so pleasantly surprised when I came across Deeba's portfolios online. Everything looked perfect. We had Deeba take our engagement photos and were super pleased with how they turned out. He did not disappoint at the wedding either. Captured some AMAZING shots that me and my family will cherish for the rest of our lives, you kinda can't repay someone for that. Speaking of payment, way affordable. I wanted a custom package, and he designed a package that fit my needs and budget. Will definitely be using Deeba in the future!  

Deeba was our big day witness thru his lens and he did really a wonderful job of capturing the activities. He more over took those an assumed and unprepared shoots which depicted the candid moment of the day. He is very much a non-pause, no pressure, laid back, go with the flow kind of guy, but extremely detail oriented and captures all memorable moments which matters for the day. I wasn't big on the photograph part and I was thinking to get someone to take a few pictures of the ceremony, but my wife did persuaded me to get someone and in the process she found Deeba which he did incredible job capturing the real moment of the day with his creative suggestions, which really made it all worth while. I really thank you Deeba for the job well done and for those beautiful shoots.   Deeba photographed my wedding this past August in Annapolis, MD. His work speaks for itself! Beautiful pictures that captured our big day so perfectly. I feel like I am reliving my wedding day every time I look through the pictures. He was a pleasure to work with and suggested wonderful ideas to my husband and I who are perhaps the less educated wedding planners. I appreciated his candid pictures that don't focus in on our sometimes awkward smiles and posing :) He is so easy to work with and really a cool creative guy! If I need a photographer again in the future, I will most certainly be reaching out to Deeba.

Deeba exceeded all our expectations. He made even the smallest moments become photogenic to magazine standard. What's more, he was available with less than 24 hours notice. I wasn't sure how a photographer would fare for an intimate ceremony with a small party of four, but Deeba did a great job of balancing discretion with just the right amount of suggestions for good shots. Thanks to him my husband and I have stunning visual reminders to treasure the memories of our wedding. Great Experience! Deeba of Donya Photography was wonderful; he worked with us during the entire wedding planning process. We picked Donya based on the online reviews, his website photo gallery, and just the ease of communication during the planning process. He was familiar with the area and understood the general feel of what we wanted on our wedding day. After talking with him for months in advance, it was already a comfortable experience, even though we had just met in person on the wedding day. Sometimes a whole day of photos can feel like a lot of work; we had a big group and 4 different locations, but Deeba was so flexible and so easy going, that it all went so smooth. Once we got the photos, I was amazed at all that he captured. We lucked out with perfect weather and the golden gate bridge as our backdrop...but I am just so happy that we found Deeba, he really made the wedding day so special. Photography is such a big part of the wedding plans and the day couldn't have gone better. 

Deeba photographed our wedding and we could not be happier with the results. In fact, Deeba exceeded our expectations. The formal photos were handled orderly and efficiently (also, we all look fly). My husband and I were more interested in the candid shots and Deeba and his second shooter, Luke, did not disappoint. The photos capture how the day really felt to us along as well as reveal moments that we did not personally get to witness while fulfilling our bride-groom mingling duties. Deeba managed to get tons of great shots without being intrusive -- we hardly noticed he was there! Considering the very reasonable price and the incredible quality of the photos, I don't know why one would hire a different photography service. Thanks, Deeba!