I got this book by Jason Eskenazi, the one i talked about a few posts down, and its really been a game changer for me. The style of shooting is so much of how i want to shoot. Its so clean, the timing is perfect, the subjects are interesting and it gives a sense of curiosity to the image, something that i think is the most valuable. Technically, eskenazi has such nice use of the foreground plane to make an image more of a photograph (the foreground plane is something that i personally love and have been trying to do as much as i can). Im so used to shooting 1.4 and just blurring the shet out of my images, its about time i really slowed down, and focused on the subject, which includes the foreground and background. Let the light and composition do the talking. As part of this new transformation, i just bought a cheapo rangefinder (old school film camera) that im going to be using religiously...slow things down a bit. ive gone through the book a few times now, and coupled with the rangefinder, i hope i can start shooting a bit differently now. I want my photos to capture moments, like real moments, things where anyone can look at and see a slice of life in. thats the big thing, is to see life in the photograph. if i can accomplish that, ill be happy.

heres stuff i took today that i think is a step forward