Had an assignment to take photos at the Annual Oakland Police memorial for the officers killed in the line of duty. It was all really sad just because 51 cops have died since its inception. In 2009, 4 officers were killed in the same day, two execution style. In 1999, one officer was shot and killed by a sniper (pictures of his son and daughter are below), the other was shot as well, but lived because his hand cuff case protected the bullet from penetrating too far. talk about luck. as i was walking around and wanted shots of some of the police, so i walked up to the nearest two and was like, "hey can i take your photo" "yeah sure" "great thanks...and whats your name??" "Well, im Chief of Police Anthony Batts and im Assistant Chief of Police Howard Jordan." "oops, i shoulda known that huh" "yup :)" haha. i did that to some hotshot lawyer too, expect he was "stunned that i didnt know who he was."