This will be one of my very few soapbox posts. I had the privilege of shooting an assignment on saturday and widened my outlook on life a bit. It was an society of organ donors event, and 2 families gave few media (me and NBC) the opportunity to photograph them as they met for the first time. Whats significant is that the Bernal family had a son who was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting at 21 years-old. At the same time, the Moss family had a father who was dying and needed a heart and kidney transplant. Serendipity stepped in and one mans death resulted in another ones life. Ruben Bernal was a young donor and had his organs removed and given to Robert Moss. These two famlies met for the first time and it was a hell of an experience. Tears were obviously shed, but what was most interesting to me is how these families are now connected, literally by blood, with one another. Both from totally different walks of life. one mexican, barely speaking english, the other white bred americans barely speaking spanish. it just seemed like a worthwhile things to do, be a donor. after all, people are such sticklers about "saving the environment" and being green, well whats more green that saving a life (that sounds weird, haha)really though, what a waste to let your body deteriorate when you have life saving organs and tissue available to give. why not be a donor. for more info, this is where its at. (california only...its a 30sec sign up process)

heres a picture of the Bernal family, left to right is sister, brother and mother of Ruben, and Robert Moss in the foreground when they first met