So very interesting assignment today. This was my first breaking news story so I got super excited. Ray was around and so we went out and shot it together. As we got there, he dropped me off and I went shooting while he parked, which was a good thing photo wise. It was a pretty brutal crash. A guy stole a car, ran into another car that was filled with 5 people, 4 under the age on 19. No one was killed but it seems a 2 were critically injured. I was a bit confused on how to shoot since its quite a sensitive issue, taking photographs like this. I didn't want to be the dick photographer taking shots of suffering for the sake of taking shots of suffering, but at the same time I personally feel its pretty important to create powerful images out of situations like this, cause it happened and its our job to report what happened and in all honesty, its a part of life that really shouldn't be hidden or covered just because its sensitive. . So I think in this sense, i went for power instead of drama. So heres what I took.