Little Leaguers

So I had an assignment on Saturday to shoot a little league game in Moraga, near Orinda. Noting too exciting, but its good for the challenge. The assignment was to take some photos of "people enjoying the game." Wonderfully vague :) At the beginning, I'll honestly say I had a real difficult time shooting what seemed to be a super simple assignment. All my compositions seemed forced and uninteresting. Im not covering MLB, so i didn't want action shots of the kids, and the stands weren't too exciting to focus on either, no one really cared to be there, and I couldn't be overly artistic cause thats not my job. I think i walked around aimlessly for about 30 minutes really pushing out some terrible photographs. I finally started chatting it up with the kids from the better team, they were goofballs which made it easy for me to photograph them and I am actually glad with my results, especially considering the circumstances.

this is my favorite photo, the kid Brett is sharing his Big League Chew with his buddies, fits best the with article.