St Andrews Park

so i had an assignment that i thought would be really really boring. "pictures of a guy who cleans a park." what it ends up being is like kick it spot for a lot of druggies, homeless and alcoholics and theres this guy who has a crew and they go and clean up these parks for the residents, and he gets the help of the people that use the park. cool guy. anyways, we get there, and i know i need to force myself out of my comfort zone which is really important for taking good photographs. i decided i first needed to blend in more so i changed up my clothes to stuff more "used" i guess so i dont stick out so much in nice shoes and a cardigan. so some interesting stuff: at one point i was taking photos and had a strong strong strong smell of urine and feces hit me, i didn't take much note of it, but then Alex (the park guy) told me to watch out on that corner, cause thats area people use to defecate. along with that we found a crack pipe, i got offered some weed (4th time in a week, haha) and we saw a drug deal go down. i dont want to focus on all the bad stuff though, cause Leroy, the guy in the last photo was pretty sweet, friendly guy. he let me take some photos of him and gave me his address to drop off some prints of that i took.