Went to go shoot a Phish concert last night. Well not quite Phish, Trey Anastasio of Phish. Cant really say I'm a fan, but he did play Hey Ya at one point which was kind of fun. Id say about 80% of the people were either on drugs or getting high (yes, present progressive). I was offered to smoke out of a bong 3 times and saw a shit-faced guy do a line of E, but before which we actually shared pretty decent conversation, haha. He called trey a self-absorbed bleep bleep of a bleeping bleep for coming out and doing a solo concert. Then he pointed to the toilets and said, what do you think? Uhh, yes? :) Anyways, im no music critic, i listened to Good Charlotte and Limp Bizkit at one sad point in my life, so to all you Phish fans out there, keep on rockin on.

and to those who are interested in photography, i was trying a new technique for shooting concerts. When the lights move around at any venue, it can reallllly throw off your exposure, making it either wayy too dark or wayy too bright. Most of the time you gotta play your cards right and anticipation is a huge aspect of concert photography. I set my camera to spot metering since it meters at the most even setting (his face) and i shot in Manual. What I would do is set my middle finger on the shutter and my index finger on the exposure dial, and then i would anticipate the lights making it possible to get two fully different shots in just one swoop of the lights. When the lights come into the frame, ill whip the dial to a faster shutter speed, take a few shots with my finger never leaving the camera, then as it leaves, ill whip the dial back to a slower shutter speed and take a few more shots, fingers always intact and on the camera. It may feel weird at first and odds are your middle finger will leave the shutter more often since its not used to to sensitivity, but keep at it. Seemed to work really well and id say 95% of my exposures were consistent. Hope that helps

Rest of the photos can be seen here