Compassion project

I am helping my my friend David work his way out of homelessness. You may know him as "that guy" on the Davis corner, asking people what their thoughts are on the virtue of compassion. Well, over the years he's amassed over 3000 entries and is preparing a book to publish his findings. He is a remarkably gentle man, with an incredibly resolute heart. has taken a slight interest in this project, and I hope that David realizes his dreams. There will be photos here and there taken on assignments with Davis. Some embody compassion while others are the opposite.

This first photo is of David

Short anecdote on the photo of the lady with the missing leg: This lady (name disclosed) was once required to get on her knees and crawl up to get the the Grace House as the handicapped walkway hadn't bee completed yet. Cindy talked to her, and apologized sincerely for having her to have gone through that. She said, "thats ok Cindy, God wants us on our knees."

Thats compassion