Kevin--The Grace House

The Grace House is at risk of being shut down due to some rather unfortunate and dirty city tactics to 'limit' the number of homeless services the city can offer. Cindy Burger (the head of the Grace House) asked me to prepare a presentation for their fundraiser on Valentines Day (2/14) and this is part 2 of my photos. First was with Tawn which can be seen a few posts down. Many feel that as a photojournalist I shouldn't be involved with my subjects and with the issue at hand, but quite honestly, to be a photojournalist means to be involved and care about the subject. That is our responsibility!

Taking photos of the homeless is actually remarkably difficult because many are reluctant to promote themselves as it can result in easier targeting and increased danger. I have to really tread softly when I come here and ask to take photos, but its a story worth fighting for I feel. Please read the captions as well as they give an idea to the type of people i am photographing.