Tawn--The Cat Man

Tawn--The Cat Man. Tawns story is a very interesting one. I ran into a homeless man on the streets of Davis over the summer and we began to talk. He was overjoyed to see that someone took the time to stand and talk to him for ten minutes. I took that as a sign. We talked bout this and about that and he notices I have a UC Davis Journalism T-shirt on. I throw out an idea about doing a story on the homeless and asked for his help. He was more than willing, which made me ecstatic. We talked some more and he told me to go to The Grace House which give out free lunch and other homeless services on Mondays and Wednesdays. I end up going with a friend of mine and introduce ourselves to everyone there (about 25 homeless) and start talking. I could say we were there for easily 5 hours as people were dying to be heard. After the second day of talking with people, I meet Tawn. A shy, quiet guy who didnt seem to go out of his way to talk to me. I took that as a sign. We talk and I just become intrigued by his story and more importantly, his personality. He is very comfortable with himself, does not blame anyone or anything, and is very questionable of authority...whether it be police, religion or the Grace House Caretaker (in a polite way with the latter of course) I was not able to spend much time with because as soon as I met him, he graduated from a probationary program which took 3 years long and I nor Cindy (the caretaker) have really seen him since.

Here are the photos: